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Forecast and analysis of the current situation and development trend of China's industrial faste

  • Autor:levi
  • Suelte el:2022-02-28

After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, the fastener industry has completed the transformation from small to large. Its output ranks the first in the world, and it is worthy of the name as a big producer and exporter. As the most basic and most common mechanical basic parts, fastener industry plays an important role in the national new strategic emerging industry, with broad market demand and good prospects for development. The data show that, from 2012 to 2019, the main business income ofChina's fastener manufacturing industry declined after rising to the peak in 2017. By the end of 2019,China's fastener manufacturing industry earned 122.059 billion yuan from its main business.

In 2000, the fastener industry encountered all kinds of challenges and difficulties, the impact of the Sino-US trade war emerged, and the export declined significantly. International trade frictions are increasing and enterprises' exports are blocked. High raw material prices, production costs increase; Environmental supervision has been intensified, and many enterprises have been required to rectify, relocate or even close down. Factors such as high comprehensive costs in all aspects restrict enterprises to further expand production and export. In 2019,Chinaimported 267,000 tons of standard fasteners made of steel, down 15.87% year on year, and the import value was 2.839 billion US dollars, down 11.84% year on year.

Development trend of industrial fastener industry

1. The intelligent

Intelligent manufacturing is a new manufacturing mode of fasteners, and it is the inevitable result of the development of automation, digitization, networking and intelligence of mechanical manufacturing. With the continuous rise of labor cost, the continuous improvement of product quality requirements, and the increasingly prominent demand diversity, the fastener industry to achieve intelligent manufacturing needs more and more urgent. Intelligent manufacturing will greatly improve the production efficiency and benefit of fasteners, reduce the labor cost of enterprises, improve the working environment and labor intensity of workers, and improve product quality and reliability.

2. Integration

Fusion is the cross fusion of multiple disciplines, the compound of a variety of technology, is the trend of the new period. The integration of machinery manufacturing technology, information technology and various high and new technologies, machinery and materials, technology and culture will constantly inject new vitality into the development of fasteners. The application of fusion technology will produce new fastening parts, manufacturing processes, processing equipment and systems, which will greatly enrich the product system of fasteners and expand the function of products.

3. The paranormal

With the expansion of people's living space and the rapid development of technology, the requirements for fasteners are getting higher and higher. The requirements for fasteners used in the conditions of maximum, minimum, ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra-high speed and ultra-low speed are getting bigger and bigger. The technology for manufacturing these fasteners is quite different from ordinary fasteners. In the future, ultra-precision manufacturing, ultra-high performance product manufacturing and super-normal forming process will be the symbol of fastener manufacturing level, and will also become the focus of research and development direction of high-end fastener manufacturers.

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