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Analyze the work before Zinc plating line

Zinc plating line process equipment generally refers to the production equipment that directly processes parts. It is an indispensable product in the market.

Centrifugal rolling is to place some rotating cylinders with complete machine and abrasive medium around the rotating tower. The rotating tower is wound at high speed, and the rotating cylinder is wound in the reverse position at a lower progress. During rolling, the grinding level of each position of the whole machine is not the same, followed by acute angle > edge > outer nominal > Inner nominal. For silver plating facilities, the centrifugal disc polishing is a flowing cylindrical cylinder, and a bowl-shaped disc with a high speed winding (about LOM / s) is installed at the lower part to put the whole machine and abrasive medium into the cylinder; Because of the winding of the disc, the load moves upward along the barrel wall, and then slides from the simple core to the middle of the centrifugal disc due to the self weight of the whole machine; In this way, the nominal effect of grinding and polishing can be achieved. Initially, the load is discharged from the side door of the disk, and the whole machine is separated from the abrasive medium with a screen or disk. The abrasives rarely used for rolling include iron filings (such as nail tips), quartz sand, fur broken corners, pumice of electroplating equipment and other hard and insoluble spiritual fine particles. The abrasive size shall be greater than the L diameter of the whole machine or less than 1 / 3 of the hole diameter on the whole machine.

Rolling light is also called colliding light, especially for small machines with small consumption. Rolling methods include general rolling, centrifugal rolling and centrifugal disc polishing. The latter two are stagnant and rising on the basis of the front end. They are high-energy lighting methods based on the principle of vibration. Avoid abrasive blocking the hole of the whole machine. Unless it can be used to solve the problem before plating, it can also be used to solve the gloss of the coating after plating. The centripetal force generated by the winding of the turret presses the loads in the drum together, and the winding of the drum makes the abrasive medium slide grinding for the whole machine, so as to play the role of removing plants and polishing. The second feature is large processing capacity and stable quality. It is applicable to non-metallic or non-metallic complete machines with various shapes, especially small complete machines.

General rolling (often called rolling) is to load the small whole machine, abrasive and rolling liquid into the pontoon or bell cylinder, because the rotation of the pontoon makes the whole machine and the whole machine, the whole machine and abrasive conflict with each other, coupled with the chemical action of the rolling liquid, in addition to the blood stain and corrosion products of the whole machine, and level the non-metallic name, so as to lose the name of smoothness and luster. The use of the Department's auxiliary facilities is to make the parts lose better coating after silver plating in the silver plating facilities. Rolling is the process of putting the whole machine into a pontoon containing abrasive and chemical filtrate and winding it with the pontoon to make the whole machine conflict with abrasive and the whole machine, so as to reach the name of the whole machine. Let's understand rolling light. The characteristic of centrifugal disc polishing is that the polishing progress is fast, which can be equal to centrifugal rolling, and the polishing quality is also equal and high.

In the process of silver plating consumption, in addition to silver plating facilities, a lot of auxiliary facilities are needed, such as rolling facilities, brushing facilities, electropolishing facilities, etc. Therefore, because the mouth closing utensils are used, it is easy to stop the review of the processing quality of the whole machine in the processing process. Therefore, the abrasives of rolled copper and iron parts should be separated, that is, the abrasives used by the whole machine without matrix data can not be mixed.