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Rainbowtechnology Company'S Fastener journal
    2022 was a challenging year for many companies.Although the forced shuttering of businesses for pandemic purposes was over by early 2022, the year was still filled with volatility and challenges from lingering effects of thepandemic, skyrocketing inflation, supply shortages,labor shortages,the Ukrainian war mid-term elections, and a host of other disruptive events and societal forces.Iimagine
that most everyone is hopeful for a better new year.Therefore,I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the challenges, and more importantly, the opportunitiesthat appear to be ahead of us in 2023.
    Of course, none of us has a crystal ball and can say with conviction what is going to happenin
the future,but as we begin 2023,lets consider some of the challenges the fastener industry is likely to have to navigate.Although most people prefer smooth sailing over choppy waters,there is an ageless understanding that challenges beget opportunity. In factAlbert Einstein summed up this notion when he said“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." just like foreseeing the futureit is impossible for me to express exactly what opportunities might erge from these challenges, but proactive ener companies certainly will be trying to fioure this out.