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Well type annealing furnace / eletric heatingWell type annealing furnace / eletric heatingWell type annealing furnace / eletric heatingWell type annealing furnace / eletric heating

Well type annealing furnace / eletric heating

  • Power(KW) Working Temp.(℃) Charging Dimension(mm) Loadage per furnace (ton)
  • 120         850                    ¢1600*1500               2.5--3.5
  • 180         850                    ¢1600*3000                 5--7
  • 450         850                    ¢3300*1500                 9--10
  • 750         850                    ¢3300*3000                 18-20

WELL TYPE ELECTRIC ANNEALING FURNACEApplication: Mainly applied in spheroidizing annealing for wire coil of low-carbon steel, alloy steel, and bearing steel.
It meets the deep processing requirement of the mechanical properties of steel after heatment.
It acquires non-oxidation decarbonization, spheroidizing tissue uniformity and good quality of cold plastic deformation (such as stamping and cold forging).
Well type structure can be buried underground, so it occupies small area; it adopts electrical heating and automatic heatment process.
The furnace lining adopts full fibre, heat efficiency and energy conservation highly promoted. The furnace top is equipped with strong convection blower
so the temperature uniformity of whole furnace is good.(+-5℃); adopting protective gas and non-oxidation heatment to reduce metal loss; feeding material is convenient.
Above loadage is for iron wire for your reference. The loadage changes according to Dia, Height and Weight of iron wire.

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