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At present, the fasteners produced by many enterprises in China are at the level of the first generation of general fasteners. As long as the connection problem is solved, the material is mainly carbon structural steel, with low strength and large structure. The high-end fasteners used in automotive, nuclear power, shipbuilding and other fields are in the second and third generation, with high material science and technology content and greatly enhanced strength and fatigue resistance. The high-end fasteners used in aerospace and other fields have basically reached the level of the third generation, and are gradually transiting to the fourth and fifth generation.

At present, China's aerospace industry started late, and the advanced level of foreign countries are still far behind, especially in the field of aviation, civil aviation and military aircraft equivalent to the level of the United States last century in the 1980s. The manufacturing level, technical status management level and testing ability of various manufacturers are uneven, and there is no professional production base integrating research and manufacturing, which is not conducive to the development of aviation fastener technology research and development.

Therefore, accelerating the transformation of existing equipment, reasonable restructuring of institutions, introducing necessary international advanced manufacturing technology and equipment and directly adopting international technical standards and inspection standards can make China's aviation standard parts reach the world advanced level. The market size of high-end fasteners in China's aerospace industry is expected to be stable and rising. By 2021, the market size is expected to reach 22.26 billion yuan.