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HSD-30 series Bi-metal rivet machine

HSD-30 series Bi-metal rivet machine

  • power of the electrolmotor:22kw
  • shear licing intensity:>=98mpa
  • weight of the machine:1100kgs
  • dia. of the rivet's head:2.5-6mm
  • dia. of the rivet's shank:1.2-3mm
  • dia. of the plate product:3-6mm
  • max. output:130pcs/min
Bimetal composite contact cold header is the key equipment manufacturing composite contacts.It can make 6 different metals be compounded together under cold state according to the technique requirements.Its working process including the following steps:sending two differents kinds of metal wire into machine firstly,transmitting them into the mould after being cut off.Then by two times upsetting process,the two kinds metal become composite contacts.Finally,the products retreat from the mould and enter into the finished product box.

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