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Improve mine tailings grade preferred sebang VSI series impact break

  First half of 2012, mining crushing sebang business adverse economic growth, once again show a huge market potential. Especially for the treatment of mine tailings in technology, environmental protection and resource recycling needs and standards are improving. According to the domestic market center data, 7-8 months, the most significant increase in Shandong market, many customers purchased sebang VSI5X Shandong series high efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher for crushing its iron ore tailings disposal areas.

As steel production and demand a large province in recent years, expanding the scale of production in Shandong iron, steel, steel production increased significantly year after year, more and more companies seeking beneficiation efficiency, energy saving iron ore crushing screening equipment, in order to promote the steel industry Sustainable development momentum.

  Emphasis on tailings disposal to promote the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources

Along with the development of iron ore industry and the national economy, promote energy conservation cycle, more and more enterprises in the ore beneficiation mass steel production to ensure the necessary infrastructure, but also paying attention to the use and management of tailings. At the national advocate energy saving policy, 2010 1-5 crushing utilization in new tailings on more than 200 enterprises with a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan, effectively promote the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, the pace of progress.

In June this year, the State Council issued the "" second five "energy-saving environmental protection industry development plan" that, twelve five times, "Strengthening of low-grade iron ore, high phosphorus iron, boron, magnesium ore, tin, iron ore and other complex were associated Black and efficient development and utilization of mineral resources in mining. " As mining companies discharged "waste" tailings resource utilization occurrence of great value, is a potential secondary resources, according to experts expect iron ore tailings grade is usually between 6% -13%, the highest up to 20% or more.

Structural optimization design to increase machine crushing capacity improve material utilization

Recycling of iron ore tailings have a variety of ways, but in the end not from the crushing, grinding production process. As has the world's most complete range of mining crushing, crushing buildings, industrial milling series equipment company, R & D production sebang VSI series of high vertical shaft impact crusher, is the introduction of the German experts on the basis of the latest research results, combined with China's mining conditions improved design, and a number of independent patent rights of a new generation of products.

SBM VSI series of impact broke the feed crusher optimized structure design, with a variety of crushing cavity, easy to achieve "rock stone", "stone blacksmith 'free conversion; its unique design of deep cavity-type rotor, and the optimal launch port and internal smoother curve-shaped design, so that the material throughput increased by 30%, a substantial increase in production capacity of the machine.

Meanwhile, the World State VSI series of impact broke the best material impact angle crushing chamber design reduces friction and wear parts, lower operating costs than traditional equipment 30%; Combined butt head design, simply replace worn butt ends in part, directly reduce the cost of using more than 30%; weeks after partial wear guard down turn around and use, improve material utilization more than 48%.

Equipment to achieve slag utilization

  Meanwhile, for the treatment of mine tailings, Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. will provide you with a complete set of crushing and screening equipment, from coarse broken for jaw crusher, secondary crusher to the impact crusher, cone crusher machine, and then crushing impact crusher, many production lines have been successfully applied to numerous domestic and foreign iron ore concentrator tailings recycling and utilization. In addition, after the slag crushing and screening are also more suitable for high-speed railway, highway, cement production and other projects, the realization of slag utilization.