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Bulten investing €6 million in Polish plant

With a planned annual capacity of around 10,500 tonnes, investment in the new line is expected to result in annual savings of €2 million – providing an estimated payback of just over three years. By extending this part of the manufacturing process Bulten expects to gain both value added and increased competitiveness. The investment will also mean less transportation, which will lead to a significantly reduced impact on the environment.
“Now we are taking another step towards becoming the industry’s most cost-efficient producer of fasteners. The investment in a new plating line will improve profitability, reduce working capital and provide greater flexibility and control over the process,” says Tommy Andersson, president and CEO of Bulten.
Bulten already carries out surface treatment at some of its other sites and is looking into the possibility to start finishing on more production units. The investment is subject to obtaining the necessary permits.
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