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Difference between hot dip zinc and hot dip galvanising

Hot-dip zincing and hot-dip galvanising are two different processes for corrosion protection of metals, with hot-dip zincing usually providing better ...

hot forging furnace induction heating machine ipsen furnace mesh belt

Harbin Rainbow Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest fastener equipment dealer and manufacturer in China. We have invested one Cold former factory(...

What's self-tapping screw?

Self-tapping screws: similar to machine screws, but the threads on the screw for special self-tapping screws with threads. Used to fasten the connecti...

China factory price and Advanced Automatic Screw Maker Thread Rolling Machine

Product Descriptionview more >>Frequently bought togetherHigh Speed Thread Rolling Machine Factory Price Thread Roller Hot Sale Thread Machine$4,800.0...

High speed installation cold forging machine bolts and nuts making machine for screw

Max diameter one key molding nut drilling machine 2 spindle nut tapping machine

Nut tapping machine is a kind of mechanical processing equipment that processes internal threads, screws or teeth in the inner side of the holes of th...

International Fastener Exhibition in New Delhi, India

It is a professional fastener exhibition in Southeast Asia FASTNER FAIR INDIA is a professional fastener exhibition in Southeast Asia, and also mainta...

What's washer?

Washers: flat circular shape of a class of fasteners. Placed on the bolt, screw or nut support surface and connection between the surface of the parts...

Analysis of the principle and function of spring washers

In all kinds of mechanical connections, the anti-loosening of bolts is a very important link, and there are many ways to prevent loosening of bolts in...

RBF 64S cold heading machine Latest production bolt former machine for anchor

Harbin Rainbow Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest fastener equipment dealer and manufacturer in China. We have invested one Cold former factory(...

Safe operation process of thread rolling machine

1. Check that each safety protection device (protective cover, limit switch, limit gear iron, electrical grounding, safety device, etc.) should be complete and complete, and the installation is correct and reliable; The door cover should be closed. 2. Check the lubricating parts (oil pool, oil tank, oil cup guide rail and other sliding surfaces) that the oil quantity should be sufficient, and refuel according to the lubrication instruction chart. 3. Check whether the main parts, components and fasteners are abnormally loose. 4. Open the gas (steam) valve, check that the pipeline valve and other devices should be in good condition without leakage, the gas (steam) and pressure should meet the regulations, and drain the water in the pipe. 5. Carry out an idling test drive, inching to start, and check that each operating device, safety device (braking, reversing, interlocking, limit, insurance, etc.) and each indicating device (indicating instrument, indicator light, etc.) should work sensitively , accurate and reliable; the movements of all parts should be coordinated; the oil supply should be normal, and the lubrication should be good; the machine tool should be free from abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise, smell, smoke and other phenomena. Confirm that everything is in order before you can start working.