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2023 Shanghai 15th large-scale galvanized sheet and titanium plated exhibition

  • Author:Gary Young
  • Source:huitianxia
  • Release on:2023-06-05
Architectural innovation, enjoy green, build a beautiful new home.

Exhibition time: August 10-12, 2023

Venue: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road)

Exhibition scale: 100,000 square meters

The 15th Shanghai International Prefabricated Building, Light Steel House and Building Steel Structure Expo 2023

Organizer: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Construction Industry Branch

Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association

Shanghai Jianzhi Exhibition Co., Ltd

Shanghai Jianyao Conference Planning Center

Scope of exhibits:

●Building skin and roofing: color steel plate, enamel steel plate, aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate, galvanized sheet, porcelain aluminum plate, fluorocarbon aluminum plate, honeycomb aluminum plate, stainless steel sheet, aluminum (copper) and metal composite plate, titanium plate, color coated plate and other plates and roofing materials and supporting equipment;

●Full decoration and interior industrialization

Integrated technologies and parts related to interior industrialization, such as integrated bathrooms, integrated kitchens, integrated storage cabinets, raised floors, household appliances, sanitary ware, decoration materials and products, and aging design.

●Building industrialization supporting - green energy-saving building materials products and equipment

Green building materials parts system: energy-saving doors and windows, curtain wall shading system, architectural coatings, wallpaper, wall tiles, floor tiles, floors, stairs, suspended ceilings, various hardware accessories, etc.

Peripheral parts system: thermal insulation materials, exterior wall decorative panels, roofing waterproof materials, roof insulation materials, thermal insulation coatings, fireproof materials, aerated concrete blocks, ceramic concrete blocks, integrated ceilings, roofs and three-dimensional greening materials, etc.

Solar building integration system: solar heating system; solar photovoltaic systems; Solar exterior wall and roof components, accessories; Solar water heaters and application products; renewable energy products, etc.

International new building products and equipment; New energy equipment system: central fresh air ventilation system, air purification system, constant temperature and humidity system, ground source/water source/air source heat pump system, HVAC equipment and products, pipe fittings, etc

Audience organization and channels:

1. Focus on inviting provincial and municipal housing and urban-rural development departments, national architectural design institutes, national real estate developers, engineering companies, buyers, decoration companies, dealers, agents and property management companies, engineering design and installation units, home improvement companies and other research and design institutes to visit and purchase;

2. Promote the exhibition nationally and internationally through TV, radio, newspapers, network, mobile media, subway, building materials store advertising, and vigorously publicize it on major portals, outdoor media, mobile media and other channels.

3. Organize international buyers, distributors and construction engineering units to visit the exhibition through relevant government departments, industry associations, trade promotion agencies and business consulting service institutions at home and abroad;

4. Through the call center, EDM, SMS and other ways for industry insiders to invite, the cumulative data of the exhibition exceeded 500,000.

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