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Can round head long screws be straightened?

  • Author:Zoe Jia
  • Release on:2023-07-18
After the round head long screw is bent, if the degree of bending is small, that is, the screw is only slightly curvature, the special long screw manufacturer can usually repair it by straightening. However, it should be noted that if the screws are bent too much, entangled with each other, or serious distortion and deformation occur, they may not be repaired by straightening, and need to be reworked or replaced.

The straightening process usually requires specialized equipment and experienced operators. Among them, the more common straightening method is to use the pressure roller method or bending method, and their principle is to reverse its original curvature state by forcing the screw to bend and reverse deformation. It should be noted that before using the above method for straightening, special long screw manufacturers need to consider suitable pressure, gradual and rebound conditions to avoid secondary damage to round head long screws during the straightening process.

In addition, the appropriate straightening method should be selected according to factors such as the material, length and diameter of the screw.

In addition, when straightening, you need to see where the long screw with the round head is bent, and the rod part is still the thread. If there is a bend at the thread, then basically it can only be reproduced. This is because once the thread is straightened, it will cause the thread to deform, which will make it impossible to assemble.

In addition, it should be noted that the long round screw after straightening may bend again during transportation, so it needs to be thoroughly inspected before use to ensure that it meets the requirements. Therefore, special long screw manufacturers should strengthen quality control in the manufacturing process to reduce the probability of screw bending and deformation.

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