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Causes that affect the accuracy of cold heading

  • Author:Zoe Jia
  • Release on:2023-06-29
(1) Raw material composition: pure metal materials plastic deformation is better than aluminum alloy, residue elements are generally caused by ductility to reduce plastic deformation, a variety of aluminum alloys have different harm to plastic deformation.

(2) Raw material alloy composition: the characteristics, appearance, size, total number and spread of multi-component mechanisms are different, and their hazard level to plastic deformation is also different. Crystals and shrinkage, miscellaneousness, bubbles, looseness and other shortcomings will reduce the plastic deformation of metal materials.

(3) Processing process deformation temperature: with the rise of temperature, plastic deformation increases, but this kind of improvement is not a simple linear increase.

(4) Strain rate of metal materials: The increase of strain rate has the side of reducing the plastic deformation of metal materials, and the side of increasing the plastic deformation of metal materials. The results of the comprehensive efficacy of these two elements finally determine the transformation of the plastic deformation of metal materials.

(5) Deformation structural mechanics standard: reducing strain force is conducive to the full play of plastic deformation, while tensile strain is not good for plastic deformation, with three-way reduction shear stress diagram and two-way reduction of one direction Lashen main strain force diagram of plastic deformation production and processing mode, which is most conducive to giving full play to the plastic deformation of metal materials.

(6) Other difficult elements: In the absence of continuous deformation, the plastic deformation of metal materials can also be improved, which is more significant when the thermal deformation of metal materials with low plastic deformation is very significant.

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