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Classification sealing bolt tips

Traditional pull of the sealing bolt, this is the most primitive sealing bolt sealing bolt, it is the most convenient place after we complete the project, there is no way to pull the bolt will go pouring outside naked in the wall screw through the sides of the template, so it also increased the difficulty of removal of the template, the template is in terms of the amount of a waste phenomenon. If we need to remove the exposed part, we need to use this machine for cutting in the construction process is very convenient.
      Harnesses to pull the sealing bolt, screw it to the screw through the wire named, and said traditional bolt seal to pull through wire bolt deficiencies are also the same problem. However, because the screw is threaded steel surface of the belt, and in the case that the same force, stronger bite force, vibration amplitude such reinforcement is reduced. Another aspect, its waterproof seal bolt better than before, but it needs to pay a higher processing costs.
      New three-to pull sealing bolt, this is the best performance of a waterproof outer rod is made using screw turnover. Compared with other bolts, and its main advantage is in the middle of the sealing sheet material chosen well, you can do leak effect, and we can use again when in use, so that you can reduce the construction cost. The final benefit is that it is a new energy-saving waterproof wall better reflect the concept of environment protection and energy.
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