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Do you know what are the commonly used bolts? Fastener standard

  • Author:Gary Young
  • Source:baidu
  • Release on:2023-08-30

Everyone should know the hexagon bolt, but in addition to the hexagon, which other bolts do you know?

1. Hex head bolt

It is divided into two types: outer hexagonal bolts and internal hexagon bolts, which are generally used to fasten mechanical equipment. For the detailed difference between the outer and inner hexagons, you can poke the following:

Do you really know Allen bolts and Allen bolts?

Hexagonal head bolts that are widely used include hexagonal head bolts rough, ordinary hexagonal head bolts, small hexagonal head screw with hole bolts, etc., which are often used in some important, high assembly accuracy and places with large shock, vibration or vibration amplitude.

Hexagonal head with hole bolts, small hexagonal head with hole bolts, hexagonal head with hole bolts, small hexagonal head head with hole bolts, hexagonal head head with slot bolts, etc. are generally used in occasions where locking is required.

Small hexagonal head guide neck bolt, small hexagonal head screw with hole guide neck bolt, small hexagon head head with hole guide neck bolt, etc. are suitable for occasions with high requirements, and the washer will not be biased to one side.

Bolts for small hexagonal head hinged holes, small hexagonal head screw with holes for reaming holes, etc. can accurately fix the mutual positions of the connected parts, and can withstand the shear phase extrusion caused by lateral forces.

2. Hexagonal head flange bolts

The head is composed of two parts, hexagonal head and flange face, the ratio of support area and stress area is larger than that of ordinary hexagonal head bolts, can withstand higher preload, and has better relaxation performance, and is more commonly used in industrial fields, such as automobile engines, heavy machinery, highways and bridges, construction, cranes, excavators, etc.

3. Square head bolts

The square head size is large, so the force area is large, the wrench is easy to jam, or rely on other parts to stop the rotation, can also be used in parts with T-grooves, to adjust the position of the bolt, usually used in some rougher structures.

4. Round head bolts

Widely used in medical device industry, electronics industry, office equipment industry, etc., mostly used in the structure is limited and can not use other bolt heads or parts, as well as surface requirements are smoother places, semi-circular head square neck is mostly used for metal parts, the square neck of the head can be embedded in the groove of the connector, reduce the height of the protruding surface; Large round heads are used for wooden parts; The reinforced semi-circular head is used where shock, vibration and variable loads are subjected.

5. Countersunk bolts

When used, the head will all sink into the connected parts, mostly used in the connected parts require flat or smooth occasions, electronic products, kitchen supplies, construction, outdoor facilities, office supplies and other commonly used.

6. Live-joint bolts

Mostly used in places and tooling that are often disassembled and connected, play a role in rotation, installation is more convenient, widely used in high-pressure valves, pressure pipelines, fluid engineering, oil drilling equipment, oilfield equipment and other fields.

7. T-bolt

It is used when the bolt can only be connected on the side of the connected part, and the bolt can be automatically positioned and locked by inserting it from the T-slot and then turning it 90°, and can also be used in occasions where the structure is required. It is more important in industry, often used to fix railway sleepers and glass curtain walls, and also used in machining such as forging machines to fix abrasives.

8. U-bolt

Also called riding bolts, it is mainly used to fix pipes and sheets, such as water pipes, leaf springs of automobiles, etc., which are widely used in construction installation, mechanical accessories connection, vehicles and ships, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc.

9. Anchor bolts

Specially used in embedded concrete foundation, used to fix the base of various machines and equipment, divided into fixed anchor bolts, movable anchor bolts, expansion anchor anchor bolts, adhesive grounding foot bolts. Fixed anchor bolts are used to fix equipment without strong vibration and shock; Movable anchor bolts are removable anchor bolts used to fix heavy machinery and equipment with strong vibration and shock when used; Expansion anchor anchor bolts are used to fix simple equipment or auxiliary equipment that is standing; The use of adhesive anchor bolts and expansion anchor bolts is similar, but the debris in the hole should be cleaned up and not damp.

10. Anchor bolts

That is, expansion bolts, often used for anchor fastening anchor connections, are widely used in anchoring machinery and equipment, various pipeline supports, support connections between steel structures and concrete components, etc.

11. Hub bolts

As the name implies, the function of the hub bolt is to fix the hub, which is the high-strength bolt connecting the vehicle to the wheel, and connecting the hub unit bearing of the wheel.

12. Plum head bolts

Commonly used in cars, motorcycles, bicycle brake systems, hard disks, computer systems and other electronic products, many anti-theft screws are used plum head, the design of the plum head can prevent the screwdriver from deviating.

Do you understand these 12 common bolts?

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