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Eight basic flow of heat-treated parts carburizing process to be observed

To ensure the accuracy of parts carburizing and normative,Heat TreatmentPart carburizing do need to follow the process. The following describes the process for the heat treatment carburizing parts:

1. Acceptance parts: Part carburizing to request clean, no oil, impurities; otherwise it will affect the quality of the part surface carburizing.

2, before infiltration preparation: heating equipment to warm ready to join penetration, tightness inspection of industrial furnaces and other equipment is intact, for partial carburization of parts to be protective measures, such as impermeable coating paste or copper.

3, carburizing: the number of drops added penetration and speed should be appropriate, and pay attention to the three stages of carburizing: carburizing medium decomposition; absorb carbon atoms; the diffusion of carbon atoms; each stage of adding different amounts.

4, Cooling: water or oil cooled to room temperature, to achieve the desired morphology.

5, check the nitrided layer: mainly used for the sample nitrided layer inspection check.

6, after the infiltration heat treatment: quenching and tempering again, usually the final heat treatment.

7. Inspection: The main parts after quenching hardness test mainly metallurgical methods can also be observed.

8, the opening certificate.

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