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Eyes that know the true understanding of multi-cylinder multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusherIt is a high energy efficient cone crusher, its structure using multiple sets of external Insurance cylinder consisting named.

The current domestic market common multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, there are two, the external structure are similar, but the internal structure is a big difference. One is the use of a spindle fixed on the frame, the eccentric sleeve around the spindle, driven by dynamic cone do spin pendulum movement structure, which is a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in the true sense; another is the use of dynamic cone spindle and one, driven by the eccentric shaft and movable cone structure do together rotating pendulum motion, which is also calledMulti-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, In fact, spring cone crusher from changing the external structure of insurance, is a pseudo multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

True multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher because of its special structure, small size, installed power, high speed, high efficiency, laminated crushing, high product quality. The pseudo multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher internal structure is still spring cone crusher internal structure, although its relief spring to replace the hydraulic cylinder and accumulator, but its performance is still the same and spring cone crusher, bulky, inefficient, non-laminated broken, finished grain shape difference.

Maximum installed power 250kw equipment level compared treatment capacity considerably, but the real multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, small size, light weight, laminated crushing principle, the material mostly cubes, high content of fine particles, less circulation, efficiency high.


Broken, crushing operations HPC series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher materials can be used in mining, cement, sand, metallurgy and other industries, it is mainly used in river gravel, limestone, dolomite, granite, rhyolite, Hui greenstone, basalt stone crushing buildings and ferrous metal ore, non-ferrous metal ore and other metal ore crushing. It has the advantage of following characteristics:


Structural optimization, high efficiency: unique fixed spindle, spindle rotation around the eccentric structure, optimization of transmission components and internal structure design, equipment carrying capacity, installed power, small size, high efficiency, low noise.


Full hydraulic adjustment, convenient and reliable: using full hydraulic control device to adjust from the insurance cavity clearing and locking all hydraulic operations, work more stable and reliable, easy operation, reduce downtime, and can also be fully automated operation.


Hydraulic lubrication integration, automation control equipment: equipped with integral hydraulic lubrication system and centralized automated intelligent control system, hydraulic lubrication saves input costs, while real-time monitoring equipment operation status, to protect the safety and stable operation of equipment, equipment operation more worry and effort.


Laminated crushing, the material grain shape is good: the use of laminated crushing principle of the material crushed by the equipment and cavity optimization, improved lamination crushing efficiency, high crushing efficiency, low wear wearing parts, finished cubic grain type , high content of fine particles, improve product quality, reduce production cost of the device and the entire system.


A machine, cavity conversion Flexible: Configure the secondary and tertiary crushing cavity, just replace the corresponding cavity lining and other small parts, you can convert between cavity, meet and tertiary crushing process requirements to achieve a machine.

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