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Fastener industry needs to pay attention to patent protection

Recently, the fastener circle does not seem at peace, many fastener companies are beginning to panic but why? The original sea salt with the government as the representative of many companies are beginning to fasteners and processing enterprises rectification. Those with severe pollution and no relevant license of the enterprise will be ordered to shut down, some companies will be consolidation or merger ...... Ever since, those in the past blindly copying, processing, imitation of the enterprise, began to tense up. They did not patent without their own technology ......

Currently, within China's fastener industry,  mimic seems to a common thing, and everyone for patent protection and respect does not seem so great. However, with the continuous development of national government, social marketing and corporate leaders to improve their own awareness, professional and technical research and development, protection of patent applications began to receive attention. We also hope that China's fastener enterprises in the future course of development, it is possible to form a more healthy, and improve the market mechanism.
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