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Fastener product quality for the survival and development of enterprises play a key role

Today, China has become the world's major powers fastener industry, from production to export sales, is step by step before development. However, due to China's fastener industry is spontaneously formed, it must have its unique characteristics, that is: a small scale, quantity, category of low cost.

Chinese fastener industryBecome a global concern to the industry. China fastener in the global economic integration, excellent situation, how to better carry out the work of the industry, long way to go. How to speed up the pace of development, which means that Chinese fastener enterprises have the opportunity to seize market adjustment period, improve our product quality, strengthen our product development, bigger and stronger.

At present, ChinaFastener productionAnd trade enterprises nearly 10,000, most local production of fasteners in Zhejiang (Jiaxing, Wenzhou, Ningbo), a lot of Jiangsu, Hebei and Guangzhou, the number of Taiwan enterprises or joint ventures, Tang Hill, Tianjin, north China also formed a certain industry groups, which accounted for over 40% of the number of enterprises in Zhejiang national total number of enterprises, production accounts for about 54% of national output, is the fastener product the most concentrated provinces. Country Fastener production in the world.

As China's fastener industry is spontaneously formed, it must have its unique characteristics:

First, small-scale. Fastener business with its flexible mode of operation, to adapt quickly to the changing market demand, and has been developing rapidly.

Second, and number. Currently, the family-owned or family-run shop stalls and small-scale processing enterprises have been more than 2200, which is unmatched by any number of regions, forming a huge industrial clusters.

Third, the whole category. From the most primitive processing methods to advanced multi-cold heading machine, hit from the red heat treatment quenching automated production lines, the fastener industry, covering almost the entire industry all products, processes.

Fourth, low cost. All production plants are of the private sector, the business owner is both director and technician, salesman. From the enterprise management mechanism and coastal areas are costing companies can not match.

Although China's fastener industry is rapidly developing, but, due to the small businesses to use more manual operations, fastener product quality is often not needed with the world, other countries from the current China's fastener products continue to enter Anti-dumping row can also be seen, the quality of products for the survival and development of enterprises and the world of production and life safety plays an important role, must not be ignored. Modern management, the core technology is applied to the production of fasteners Best road industry.

With the rapid transformation of economic development mode the fastener industry, enterprises have to consider the product should do meticulous precision, enhance scientific and technological content, change the original extensive product production. Not far behind the industry, only behind Technology. For our fastener business, more urgently in a standardized and continuously push forward the development of enterprises, accustomed to the standards of their own development, so that in the near future we will certainly feel the unparalleled standard benefit. This is our ultimate goal to learn to use the standard.

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