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Galvanized wire is a galvanized metal wire covered with a zinc layer

  • Author:Bunny
  • Release on:2023-07-14
Galvanized wire is a galvanized metal wire covered with a zinc layer. Galvanizing is a common surface treatment technique that involves soaking a metal material in molten zinc so that the zinc reacts chemically with the metal surface to form a strong, corrosion-resistant zinc layer.

Galvanized wire has many advantages, the most notable of which is its excellent corrosion resistance. The presence of zinc prevents the wire from coming into contact with oxygen, moisture and chemicals in the external environment, reducing the risk of oxidation, corrosion and rust. This makes galvanized wire widely used in outdoor or humid environments, such as construction, agriculture and the power industry.

In addition, galvanized wire also has good electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. The presence of zinc layer does not significantly affect the conductivity of the wire, so galvanized wire is also widely used in the field of power transmission and electronic equipment. The zinc layer also enhances the strength and wear resistance of the wire, making it more durable and reliable.
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