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How foreigners purchasing fasteners?


     Several major global hardware and fasteners shops, including the United States, such as Fastenal, Grainger, HomeDepot, Lowe's and Australia Bunnings Group, the procurement of products mainly from Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, China and Taiwan and other regions. They will purchase their own range of products, different varieties of different purchasing departments responsible. Almost all have their own sourcing company, generally difficult to break into the factory production in the major markets, they are often by large traders to choose their supplier, formed a separate procurement system. Purchase volume, price stability requirements, purchase goods each year will not be much change, high quality requirements. Not easy to transform supplier.


     Such as WALMART, Newell, IKEA, etc., purchasing a large quantity, but also has its own purchasing companies. In the production market, have their own procurement systems, high sensitivity of their purchase price on the market, the product is also a great change in requirements, factory price low, but a large amount. Development of strong, cheap, well-funded factories can attack this type of customer. Best to keep away from a small factory, a revolving fund or he let you order too much, in case the quality inspection standards can not be achieved, it is difficult to stand up.


     Known fastener importers, such as the United States PFC, US GLHUYETT, Germany Wuerth, etc., most of which are brand purchase their own, they will find a large scale, good quality factory directly to OEM orders, the more their profits good quality requirements have their own standards, order and stability, the establishment of a very long-term relationship with the factory.

     The world has more and more Chinese importers to show (such as Shanghai Fasteners & Technology Exhibition, Fastener exhibition) came to manufacturers, it is worth trying to develop small and medium factories guests. Importers scale of business in their countries that they purchase quantity and payment terms of reference factors before doing business, you can get to know their strength through their Web site. Even small brands, there are opportunities to develop into big customers.
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