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How to ensure good quality of the installation of mechanical seals it

So-calledMechanical sealsIs actually a rotating machine seal device, it is a pair or more pairs of the axis of rotation perpendicular to the face of the fluid pressure in the compensation mechanism and elastic (or magnetic) and the role of secondary seal fit, keeping fit relatively merger sliding configured to prevent fluid leakage. So install very high quality requirements, the installation process requires a series of precautions,
1, radial shaft runout equipment should ≤0.04 mm axial runout does not allow more than 0.1 mm;
2, the sealing parts of the equipment should be installed to keep clean, seal parts should be cleaned, Seals intact, to prevent dust and impurities into the sealing parts;
3, the installation process is strictly prohibited crashing, banging, so as not to damage the mechanical seal friction and seal failure to pay;
4, in contact with the sealing surface should be coated with a layer of clean mechanical oil installation in order to successfully install;
5, the installation of static ring gland, tighten the screws must force uniform, to ensure that the requirements of the vertical end surface of the stationary ring and the axis line;
6, after the installation manually push ring, ring enables flexible movement of the shaft, and a certain flexibility;
7, after moving installation hand drive shaft, the shaft should be no feeling of weight;
8, the device must be filled with the media before the operation, to prevent dry friction leaving the seal failure.
Mechanical sealsInstalled, in order to ensure that the relevant mechanical stability during subsequent use.
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