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Important CNC punch die position correction required to master

in caseCNC punchUpper and lower die neutral position is not good, it will cause mold offset actual blanking clearance, the mold rapid passivation even bite mold, reduce die life while the workpiece quality deteriorates. CNC turret punch press with two turrets (also called turntable), are called the turret (put module) and a lower turret (down mode), two separate turret positioning.
  CNC punch die position correction frequently, have the following main points:
  ⑴ check the level of the machine, if necessary, re-adjust;
  Die holes and guide key ⑵ check on the turret, if any damage should be repaired or replaced;
  ⑶ check the turret lower die planarity, key or keyway wear and replace if necessary;
  ⑷ use of standardized calibration Mandrel each die station, if any deviation timely adjustment;
  ⑸ high frequency of use for automatic indexing station (rotating position) should be inspected regularly;
  ⑹ preferably equipped with a precision to meet the requirements of each station on the mandrel.
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