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Important direction of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector - service-oriented m

"Development of service-oriented manufacturing special action guide" will promote cum Publicizing"Service-oriented manufacturing Miles"Activities will start recently held. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Machinery Industry Federation and parts of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed representatives of the relevant municipal departments in charge of industry and information technology, etc. attended the meeting.

      Service-oriented manufacturing industry is a new form of integration of the development of manufacturing and services, it is an important direction of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector. To implement the "Made in China 2025", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology together with the State Development and Reform Commission, China Academy of Engineering recently issued a "special action Development Services Manufacturing Guide" (Ministry of Industrial Union [2016] No. 231).

      At this meeting, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the "development of service-oriented manufacturing special guide to action" for the policy interpretation, and held a "service-oriented manufacturing Miles' first leg -" into Jiangsu, into machinery " the launching ceremony.

      Since 2012, the initiative to adapt to the new situation and environment in Jiangsu, began to promote the all-round service-oriented manufacturing work done a lot to explore and promote the business model and other aspects of business innovation, with emphasis on the planning guide, a typical demonstration, network training and increased financial support in four areas of work efforts, and achieved some success.

      Conference innovative research methods, via remote video link to watch the KTK Group Co., Ltd., Changzhou, Suzhou Bo public Seiko Technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi Shuangliang energy saving system, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. in terms of service transformation typical practice, and invited experts and scholars to interact with the business site, corporate experience reviews.

      At the meeting, China Machinery Industry Federation issued the "service-oriented manufacturing machinery industry guidance" and interpret the invitation Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd., the Chinese car company in Tangshan, Hangzhou oxygen Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Kunming Ship Design and Research Institute, Zhejiang Control Technology Co., Ltd., Weichai Power Co., Ltd. and other companies on the development of service-oriented manufacturing for the exchange floor.

      The meeting noted that the development of service-oriented manufacturing, is to enhance industrial competitiveness, the manufacturing sector to grow stronger necessary requirement; to follow a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution active choice; is effective in improving the supply system to meet the consumer An important measure of structural upgrading. To enhance the development of service-oriented manufacturing of urgency and mission around the deep-seated contradictions problems facing the development of the industrial economy, comply with international and domestic industry development trend, accelerate the development of service-oriented system Manufacture, manufacturing quality and efficiency and promote the transformation and upgrading.

      The meeting stressed that the development of service-oriented manufacturing, the community needs to work together, to promote synergy. Industry and Information Technology Ministry will work closely with the rest of industry and information technology departments to strengthen the guidance, to carry out the selection of demonstration projects and enterprises, improve service support capability of public service platform, promote the development of service-oriented manufacturing.

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