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Know about Roller hearth furnace

  • Author:Zoe Jia
  • Release on:2023-12-21
Characteristics and uses of roller hearth heating furnace:

Roller hearth furnace is equipped with a number of transverse rotating rollers at the bottom of the straight furnace chamber, which drives the charge placed on the rollers to move along the roller table. It is suitable for quenching, normalizing, tempering and quenching and tempering of copper, profiles, wheels, castings, bearing rings, large slewing rings, flanges, enamel sintering and flat workpieces under a protective atmosphere.

Equipment features:

1. There is no fixed contact point between the continuous movement of the workpiece and the roller table during the heating process, so it is evenly heated, without bruising and small deformation.

2. Since the roller is always in the furnace, the heat energy consumption is relatively small, and the thermal efficiency of the furnace is high.

3. According to customer requirements, the roller hearth furnace is designed as a controlled atmosphere furnace, which is brightened and carburized.

4. The roller hearth furnace has good sealing performance and high temperature uniformity, which can reach ±5°C.

5. The roller hearth furnace production line has a high degree of controllable automation, which realizes the microcomputer program operation and the automatic control of the controllable atmosphere.
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