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Safe operation process of thread rolling machine

  • Author:William
  • Release on:2022-01-17
Do it carefully before work: 1. Carefully read the shift record to understand the work situation of the previous shift. 2. Check whether the equipment and the work site are cleaned and wiped clean; there should be no obstacles, impurities and new pulling, grinding and bumping on the equipment bed, work surface, guide rail and other main sliding surfaces. If there is any of the above conditions, it must be removed, and the equipment should be wiped clean; if there is new pulling, grinding, or bumping, the equipment staff or the team leader should be asked to check it together, and make a record. 3. Check the handle, valve, rod, and main parts (slider, hammer, tool holder, etc.) of each operating mechanism should be placed in the non-working position specified in the manual. 4. Before working, check that the thread rolling board and the fixture should be in good condition and not broken, installed correctly, and fastened firmly. 1. Check that each safety protection device (protective cover, limit switch, limit gear iron, electrical grounding, safety device, etc.) should be complete and complete, and the installation is correct and reliable; The door cover should be closed. 2. Check the lubricating parts (oil pool, oil tank, oil cup guide rail and other sliding surfaces) that the oil quantity should be sufficient, and refuel according to the lubrication instruction chart. 3. Check whether the main parts, components and fasteners are abnormally loose. 4. Open the gas (steam) valve, check that the pipeline valve and other devices should be in good condition without leakage, the gas (steam) and pressure should meet the regulations, and drain the water in the pipe. 5. Carry out an idling test drive, inching to start, and check that each operating device, safety device (braking, reversing, interlocking, limit, insurance, etc.) and each indicating device (indicating instrument, indicator light, etc.) should work sensitively , accurate and reliable; the movements of all parts should be coordinated; the oil supply should be normal, and the lubrication should be good; the machine tool should be free from abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise, smell, smoke and other phenomena. Confirm that everything is in order before you can start working.
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