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Shaoguan fastener industrial park will soon start construction of a total investment of 1.8 billion

Yesterday, reporters learned from the Industrial Park Zhen, from the Guangdong Branch Financial Group Investment and Development of Shaoguan City Industrial Park fastener will start construction soon.

The project is located in Wan Shao Zhen Industrial Park area, planning area of ​​650 acres, it plans a total investment of 1.8 billion project in the province of fasteners and related industrial chain industry alliance based on the integration of domestic and foreign fastener Production technology, the formation of the fastener industry innovation incubation base, production base, the fastener industry park technology research and development, inspection and certification, production, logistics, sales, training and other functions in one, becoming Domestic fastener standardization, the whole industry chain, smart key industry cluster base.

It is understood that the mode of operation of the fastener industry park has a very different and other industrial park, the project was introduced to a materials testing laboratory and research-based - the wide measure Shaoguan laboratory involved in the construction. The measure is one of the fifteen broad national testing center of China Guangdong Shaoguan laboratory test is Wan Shao city Huangshaping Innovation Park to introduce a high-tech manufacturing service agencies.

Fastener industryShaoguan Steel is an extension of the industrial chain, has great room for development. According to Dr. widely measured Shaoguan laboratory director Ye machine is introduced: the quality of the industrial base as a fastener parts varies greatly, Affecting the overall quality of industrial products. Standardized testing screws in Shaoguan in southern China is short-board industry to address standardization and quality control of the screw, the screw will allow domestic production to meet international level, Save Fewer imports, but also greatly reduce production and transportation costs.

Fasteners Industrial Park lab will provide professional product quality control, development of raw material checks, standards and test methods to assist in the critical issue of clean production, materials research and development, technology innovation, and promote the park information technology, standardization and quality control system construction, play a supportive role to the core technology industrial park.

"In information technology to promote the development of traditional industries is the development of a new model that we can explore." Ye said machine.

It is understood that the fastener Shaoguan Industrial Park is completed, will greatly improve the level of standardization of domestic screw, screw Shaoguan is expected to become the PRD industry gathering place.

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