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Chinese fastener industry to seize the opportunity to develop unstoppable

In recent years,mechanical, Electricity, vehicles and other industries rapid development, ledfastenerIndustry capacity expansion capacity, but also tofastenerIndustry to bring development opportunities. Recently, the fastener so that nearly 20,000 business owners headache is unable to recruit skilled workers and experienced high-quality technical personnel more difficult.

Currently, the gap in skilled workers 5000-10000 people, the gap frontline technicians are also about 2,000 people. Lack of qualified skilled workers seriously hindered the development of the industry, we can afford first-class equipment, but do not produce first-class products and services.

Now fastener shortage of talent, a lot of idle production is not because there is no order, no equipment, but no high-quality production and management personnel. Talent is tempered in practice, people will not readily spot Door waiting for business to dig. High quality labor force is one of the industry healthy, stable and sustainable development of the power source. 10 years, with the rise of China's great power status in the world's manufacturing center, fastener manufacturing power industry The annual output value reached 60 billion yuan, technological progress to promote the development of the industry, the development of industry driven by technological progress, "five-second" period, the annual output growth of China's fastener industry is not expected to be less than 10%.

For the future, how Chinese fastener industry, Luo Hui Weapon, one is the use of advanced manufacturing processes and equipment, establish a sound quality assurance system, if in a situation, try to use good equipment with good equipment. From In the long run, good equipment is a very important business to remain competitive factors. Second is to improve the production, marketing and management, reduce management costs and improve their overall competitiveness. Third, pay attention to construction of the team, the introduction of high hormone Quality personnel, especially attention to the introduction and cultivation of international talents, attach importance to the existing workforce of re-education and training. Fourth, to establish the concept of integrity, establish a good corporate reputation, have a global concept, to establish a rational and downstream supply and demand relationship. Fifth, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, an overview of the development of domestic and foreign trade, improve the forward-looking leadership decisions.

Taiwanese companies are characterized by small, but specialized, high degree of automation. A fastener firm produces several products, but can do meticulous precision, to create a monopoly in the supply of products, as long as these types of products, any user supplied by the manufacturers of the enterprise. Therefore, it is claimed that the American model is the direction of our business development; Taiwan business is our business at this stage of the benchmarking study.

Fasteners are not producing fixed products, but to provide users with fastening processing services; technical, technological level is important, but more important is the level of management, because the production of every step possible to create profits. In the management of this Last session, we are lagging behind foreign companies much more than only the equipment and technology, there is no high-quality personnel, there is no guarantee management of large quantities of fasteners is impossible.

Compared with the United States, Japan and other manufacturing power, China's fastener industry, there are still large gaps. US companies characterized by large-scale, automated, digital production, digital technology, network technology and digital control technology is mature, share of production from design to all sectors, a high degree of information production and management.

Specific features: First, automated production more secure, reliable, easy wholebolt,Screw nutProduction line running maintenance; the second is the high safety awareness, are installed on the press safety grating; the third is the application of management information system to improve the company's management level and production efficiency, enterprises and more have their own management information systems, suppliers of raw materials supply the materials with a bar code; Fourth, although the relatively large size of the business, but not many product series, a large production batches

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