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The difference between a pit furnace and a bogie furnace

  • Author:Zoe Jia
  • Release on:2023-11-29
1)the structure is different
Pit furnace is a kind of stove with columnar furnace as the main body and heating elements arranged up and down, and the heating elements are mostly tungsten wire or graphite, which is suitable for petrochemical, metal processing, cemented carbide and other industries. The trolley furnace is a kind of stove with a movable trolley, its structure is similar to a rectangular box, and the workpiece is placed on the trolley to undergo preheating, hot processing, cooling and other processes.

2)the heating method is different
The heating methods of the pit furnace are mostly radiant heating, that is, the workpiece is directly heated through the heating element, while the heating methods of the trolley furnace are varied, and various heating methods such as radiation, convection, and heat conduction can be used, which are suitable for casting, forging, quenching and other processing technology requirements.

3) The scope of application is different
The pit furnace is suitable for occasions with small workpiece size, simple shape, uniform heating and good surface quality, such as catalyst drying and chemical coating sintering in the petrochemical industry, while the trolley furnace is suitable for large workpieces and occasions with complex process requirements, such as iron and steel metallurgy, elevator tire production, etc.
To sum up, the difference between pit furnace and trolley furnace mainly lies in the structure, heating method and scope of application. The choice of which stove should be considered according to comprehensive factors such as workpiece size, shape, and process requirements.

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