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The difference between cold forging machine and head making machine

  • Author:Zoe Jia
  • Release on:2023-08-23
Cold forging machine

The cold heading machine is a special equipment based on piers and specially used to mass produce nuts, bolts and other fasteners.

The world's first cold heading machine originated in Germany. At that time, the purpose of developing the cold heading machine was mainly to manufacture bullets in large quantities during World War II.

Cold heading process

(1) According to the theory of metal plasticization, a certain pressure is applied to the metal blank at room temperature to produce plastic transformation in the mold cavity and form according to the specified shape and size.

(2) It is necessary to choose high-quality "plastic" good metal materials, such as rivet screw steel, whose chemical composition and mechanical properties have strict standards.

(3) Cold heading bolt and nut forming machinery has multiple models and series. The equipment has reliable performance, high efficiency and stable product quality.

(4) The product forming upsetting force is large, the configuration power is in, and the equipment investment is large at one time. Therefore, the production specification M24 and below is the most economical.

(5) It has better surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. Due to the cold work hardening in the upsetting process, the amount of deformation should not be too large. Reduces cracking.

(6) The cold heading process is applicable to products with large batches and various specifications, so as to reduce costs.

The modern cold heading machine has been increased from the simple two-station in the past to multiple stations, and the latest varieties in China are 5 mold, 6 mold 6 mold extended cold heading machine.

Screw heading machine

According to the different industries used, the heading machine can be divided into shoe lace head machine and screw head machine. Generally, when used, any combination can be carried out, and it generally does not appear in an independent form. For example, semi-automatic single-knife mechanical feeding rubber shoe lace head machine, automatic double knife computer feeding rubber shoe lace head machine, automatic double knife mechanical rubber gift belt head making machine.

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