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The difference between thread rolling machine and die head threading machine

  • Author:Zoe Jia
  • Release on:2023-10-12
The nesting machine and the thread rolling machine are both machines for processing threads, the nesting machine is to cut the parent material to form the thread, the thread rolling machine is to extrude the parent to form the thread, one is lap joint, the other is butt. I believe that for people who are not very familiar with it, it can be determined that the wire nesting machine and the thread rolling machine are the same kind of thread cutting machinery, they have different names and different functions.

Wire nesting machine is a multi-functional machine tool type wire nesting equipment, is a high efficiency, low consumption ideal equipment, the machine has this safe and reliable control system, can make each working link in manual, semi-automatic, automatic three ways to choose, wire nesting machine process is an advanced cutting processing equipment, can effectively improve the processing quality of the workpiece, can significantly reduce labor intensity, save time and labor and labor, wire nesting machine in construction engineering, water conservancy engineering, agricultural irrigation, fire sprinkler processing and installation engineering, Water and gas oil pipeline processing and installation engineering and other pipeline engineering and other industrial and agricultural pipelines processing and installation process is indispensable, it can quickly perform external thread processing on pipe fittings, greatly save the labor cost of construction, accelerate the progress of the project. Automatic wire nesting machine is a kind of pipe fittings external thread processing mechanical equipment, its main role is in the pipeline engineering construction process, quickly complete the pipeline external thread processing, its application is very wide, basically it can be said that all pipeline engineering processing needs to use automatic wire nesting machine. At present, automatic wire nesting machine has been widely used in fire sprinkler processing, construction, agricultural irrigation, water and gas pipeline processing and installation, water conservancy and other types of industrial and agricultural pipeline processing and installation.
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