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What are the differences between galvanized sheet and cold-rolled sheet?

  • Author:Gary Young
  • Source:baidu
  • Release on:2023-10-13
Galvanized sheet and cold-rolled sheet are both more common plates in production and life, so what is the difference between galvanized sheet and cold-rolled plate? Today, Baisheng Xiaobian will tell you what are the differences between cold-rolled plate and galvanized sheet? I hope to bring you help, interested friends can like the collection!

1. What galvanized sheet and cold rolled sheet?
Galvanized sheet: Galvanized sheet refers to a steel plate coated with a layer of zinc on the surface. Galvanizing is a frequently used cost-effective corrosion protection method, with half of the world's zinc production used in this process.

Cold-rolled plate: Cold-rolled plate is a product obtained by cold pressure processing of hot-rolled sheet. Due to the many rolling, its surface quality is better than that of hot-rolled sheet, and after heat treatment, good mechanical properties can be obtained.

Second, what are the differences between cold-rolled plate and galvanized sheet?
1. The plates are different

First of all, the basic material of cold-rolled plate and galvanized sheet is different, ordinary cold-rolled plate to go through multiple barriers of cold rolling, the quality of the surface is better than hot-rolled sheet, after treatment produces good mechanical properties. The galvanized sheet is relatively hard, it is the material zinc plated on the surface of the metal, so their material is completely different.

Galvanized sheet: hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, electro-galvanized steel sheet.

Cold-rolled plate: generally used cold-rolled plate, stamping grade cold-rolled plate, deep-drawn, extra-deep-drawn and ultra-deep-drawn cold-rolled plate.

2. The physical properties of galvanized sheet and cold-rolled sheet are also different,

Galvanized sheet: With high strength and high ductility, it has become a kind of stamping steel with high strength and good formability. Galvanized sheet is more heat-resistant, the surface quality is better, and it is more economical and practical.

Cold-rolled plate: high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, generally thin plate, can be used as stamping plate. The tensile force of cold-rolled plate is relatively good, and the pulling performance far exceeds that of galvanized sheet.

3. The surface physical characteristics of cold-rolled sheet and galvanized sheet are also different. Galvanized sheet is divided into white and black, although their hardness is similar, but their performance drive is far from the same.

4. Generally, the galvanized sheet will not be treated again after use, and the cold-rolled sheet needs to be painted on the surface after use, otherwise the cold-rolled sheet will oxidize, and the galvanized sheet is less likely to be oxidized than the cold-rolled sheet.

5. The process between cold-rolled sheet and galvanized sheet is different

Galvanized sheet: Galvanized sheet is an alloy product made by plating a layer of zinc on the surface of the steel plate through the galvanizing process.

Cold-rolled plate: cold-rolled coil uses hot rolling as raw material, and its production process usually goes through raw material preparation, cold rolling, heat treatment, leveling and finishing.

Cold-rolled sheet has better surface quality and high finish in the production process, which can meet some special requirements, while galvanized sheet is made of steel plate, which is relatively economical.
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