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What are the main factors that affect the strength of bolted connections?

  • Author:Zoe Jia
  • Release on:2023-11-13
There are many factors that affect the fatigue strength of connection, such as material, structure, size, technology, thread spacing, load distribution, stress amplitude and mechanical properties, and the strength of bolted connection mainly depends on the strength of bolts.

1, reduce the influence of stress concentration

Stress concentration occurs at the root of the thread, the end of the thread and the transition fillet between the thread head and the threaded rod of the bolt. In order to reduce stress concentration, larger transition fillet and unloading structure can be adopted, or thread ending can be changed into relief groove.

2. Avoid additional bending stress.

In addition to the additional bending stress caused by manufacturing and installation errors and the deformation of the connected part, the connected part. The bearing surface of bolt head and nut is inclined, and the incorrect threaded hole can also cause bending stress.

3. Adopt reasonable manufacturing technology.

Bolt with cold heading head and rolling thread.

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