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multi station bolt and nut making machine cold heading machine with in stock

  • Author:Bunny
  • Release on:2023-12-07

   We have more than 30 years experiences in supplying all kinds of fastener equipment, such as Bolt Maker, Nut Maker, Cold Heading Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Heat Treatment Furnace and Zinc Plating line, etc. to customers all over the world,With our reputation increasing and our team becoming more professional, we have experienced a significant growth in business during the recent years.Nowadays, more and more reputed companies compete in a long-term cooperation with us.

   We abide by the principles of honesty, credibility, and mutual-benefit. Our motto is “ONCE BUSINESS, FOREVER FRIENDS”, we will do our best to serve clients at home and abroad. Due to our top-notch professional knowledge and rich trad experience, we have seen our market developing ability and actual business growth with an increasingly faster pace. We sincerely look forward to working with you. Let's build a great future together!

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