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Rainbow high temperature vacuum trolley furnace

  • Operating temperature range: Normal temperature -1300℃ (adjustable at will) Location of electrical control box:
  • Independent hanging control cabinet
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃% Operating voltage: 380V/50Hz
  • Temperature uniformity: 5℃% (under no-load condition) Heating power: 65KW
  • Common customer temperature: Room temperature -800℃ Blowing power 2.25KWW
  • Studio size: customized

Summary: This type of oven has a unique design of strong air circulation system, which ensures the stability of temperature. The temperature control system adopts digital display to control temperature, which is intuitive and eye-catching, with reliability protection device and over-temperature alarm. We can design and customize products with special requirements such as supporting imported production lines for users. The equipment shell is made of A3 cold-rolled plate, and the surface is painted, which is beautiful and generous. The inner container of the studio is made of stainless steel, bent and welded by sheet metal. The hot air circulation mode adopts the principle that the left and right sides are exhausted and the top is sucked, so it is repeated. The heating elements are installed in the air ducts at the two sides of the oven, and the circulating motor is installed at the top of the box, which can prolong the life of the motor. The door is single-opened, and the door buckle adopts lever handle. The electrical control panel is installed on the right side of the box. It is convenient for workers to operate, and the electrical appliances are all made of international and domestic famous brands, with the advantages of long service life and high safety performance.

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