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About three materials Daquan fastener

  Standard parts on the market are mainly carbon steel, stainless steel, copper three materials.
    (A) carbon steel feed carbon content we distinguish between low-carbon steel, carbon steel and high carbon steel and alloy steel. 
    1, low-carbon steel C% ≤0.25% of domestic commonly referred to as A3 steel. Basic abroad called 1008,1015,1018,1022 and so on. Mainly used 4.8 4 bolts and nuts, screws and other small non-hardness requirements. (Note: The 1022 drilling screws mainly used material.) 
    2, 0.25% carbon steel.
    3, high carbon steel C% & gt; 0.45%. Currently on the market basically did not use.
    4, alloy steel: carbon steel alloying elements, add some special properties of steel: 35,40 as chromium and molybdenum, SCM435,10B38. 
    (B) stainless steel performance levels: 45,50,60,70,80.
    The main points of austenite (18% Cr, 8% Ni), good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good weldability. A1, A2, A4. Martensite, 13% Cr poor corrosion resistance, high strength, good wear resistance. C1, C2, C4 ferritic stainless steel. 18% Cr upsetting better corrosion resistance to martensite. Currently on the market products imported materials mainly Japan. Divided by level SUS302, SUS304, SUS316. 
    (C) copper commonly used material is brass, zinc and copper alloys. On the market mainly to do with standard H62, H65, H68 copper.
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