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The difference between the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy threaded screws and other metal m

 Weight aluminum screw similar steel rivet is its weight 1/3. Strength characteristics of this alloy is often used surprisingly good. In fact, strong - quality ratio, aluminum screw screws are higher than any other an industrial material. Aluminum is not magnetized. Thermoelectric conductivity of aluminum is very good, about the same volume of copper conductivity 2/3. Aluminum has good processing characteristics, easy to cold forming and forging.
  On the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy threaded screws and other metal materials screws What difference will it make?
  When calculating the load capacity of parts, to measure the cross-sectional area of ​​the bottom portion of the tooth instead of a larger area of ​​the tensile stress area. Only in ASTMF468 table 2 in a given mechanical tensile test specimens, the yield strength values ​​is the real strength values. In the entire size of the screws do strength calculation, you can make the appropriate adjustments. So when the stress and the threaded area of ​​the force in pounds is multiplied to calculate the load capacity of the unit, about the results is the true value with a smaller table in the bottom area of ​​the dental product.
  Aluminum alloy hardness difference is small, but the same guidelines as the examination does not make sense. As an alternative hardness test, usually the introduction of shear strength tests.
  6062-T9 aluminum alloy (containing 0.6% silicon, 0.25% copper, 1% magnesium, 0.09% chromium, 0.5% lead and the balance aluminum) was almost rivet nut and special design. This alloy 6061-T6 aluminum alloy than the higher strength and a relatively good corrosion resistance.
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