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American path leading fastener - big steel country to be listed in September

The US market, the largest fastener distributors - Dacheng International Iron and Steel (8415) to grow their own strength through the takeover of US rival, as well as through online trading products complete two operating strategy last year, revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan NT, the future will be amplifiedIndustrial ProductsAnother build momentum. Powers steel is expected September 7 turn OTC listing.

Powers OTC Steel held today before the results will be published, Powers steel company since its inception in 1997, a year showed a profit situation. Taiwan plays a central role in logistics, product fully export.

Powers steel company in the early years, the acquisition of the largest US steel fastener distributors, the original use of the traditional way of selling orders, sales of imported single mode network, breaking the American fastener distributors originally sold only with special A fastener material practices, economies of scale for the spindle, with convenient network under a single tool, the daily turnover of US $ 190,000, $ 800,000 and gradually expand to the size of a day, and in October 102 M United States Largest steel fastener distributors PFC company, established American States Steel Corporation's leadership in the field of fastener passage, currently the world's major powers steel single-day revenue of more than $ 1.3 million.

Powers steel trading network to replace the traditional manual negotiated transaction mode, a single network share of 76%, effectively reducing administrative costs. Plus product range, continued to expand the product. Through acquisitions and increased economies of scale, reduce costs and provide a reasonable margin products, create barriers to competition competitors.

Operating scale expansion part, from the acquisition of the most powerful US local competitors, prompting the company to become the leading US fasteners market access.

Powers steel to create low-margin high-margin, through the system efficiently handle a wide range of products and continue to expand the economy, companies and expanded industrial hardware goods, hand tools product has begun shipping, to create "industrial products Alibaba "I hope to become another ten billion yuan in revenue.

Powers steel fasteners path layout currently in the United States, related to storage systems and management of human future is a multiple of turnover growth target planning, along with the increasing of items sold at the same cost, the effects of future operations expected better.

Powers steel as steel stocks large Cheng Gang members listed groups and big Gang (2027) holding a big country of steel about 45%. Powers steel sales of NT $ 10.947 billion yuan last year, net income was 2.12 billion yuan, after-tax earnings per share was 0.35 yuan. For the first quarter revenue of 2.63 billion yuan, 073 million yuan net profit after tax, after-tax earnings per share of 0.12 yuan.

Dividend policy, the country's steel last three years are allotment cash dividend per share allotment 0.4 to 0.6 yuan. Powers Steel paid-up capital amounted to 6 billion yuan, the products are carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel fasteners, steel fasteners which accounted for nearly 60% of the maximum, the US market accounted for the main proportion of sales Jiucheng.

Powers Steel Main international sales channels of various types of fasteners, has subsidiaries in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil in six countries, a total of 31 sales offices and 28 delivery warehouses.

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