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Machinery industry March continuous stabilization to the good

The first half of 2016, the machinery industry economic trends information conference held recently in Beijing.China Machinery IndustryFederation expects 2016 mechanical industrial economy will continue to stabilize since the fourth quarter last year to good posture, estimated annual industrial added value growth will be slightly higher mechanical national industrial and manufacturing.

Switch to value added growth rate higher than the national industry

This year, the industrial added value growth from the previous year mechanical lower than the national industrial and manufacturing growth into higher than the national industrial and manufacturing growth. January to June, the mechanical industrial added value increased by 7.8%, respectively, higher than the national industrial and manufacturing 1.8-year and 0.9 percentage points higher than the same period last year machinery industry by 2.1 percentage points.

January to June, the machinery industry's main business income of 11.29 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.68 percent, 3.21 percentage points higher than the same period last year. Total profit of 753.8 billion yuan, an increase of 6.53%, 6.4 percentage points higher than the same period last year. The main efficiency indicators of industrial machinery presented stabilization of the situation.

Data show that the first half of this year to maintain growth in production and consumption mainly, technological upgrading, environmental protection is closely related to the products, such as automotive, electrical instruments, automotive instrumentation, power transmission associated power capacitors, high voltage switchgear, cable, environmental pollution governance special equipment; and mold, pneumatic components, metal seals and other parts of the product.

Auto electrician electrical play the leading role

Although the machinery industry of major economic indicators showed a stabilization of the situation, but the industry is running between differentiation trend is more prominent. Overall construction machinery industry remains difficult; heavy mining industry operating rates decline; Petrochemical General Machine Mechanical industry continued lack of orders, industry profits continue to decline; the machine tool industry is still in the doldrums, wherein the metal cutting machine tool manufacturing industry profits fell 22.12 percent. The main reason is the upstream industry, iron and steel, coal, building materials, stone Run oil industry downturn, the decline in demand for machinery and industrial equipment.

As the machinery industry's two key industries, automotive and electrical appliance industries in market demand, favorable policies and power generation, transmission and distribution to promote the field of large-scale upgrading of the machinery industry to promote stable to better play a stimulating role.

January to June, the automotive industry profits rose 6.34 percent, electrical appliances industry grew 15.13%, while excluding autos and other electrical appliances industry outside the machinery industry increased by only 2.44%.

Continue to promote the transformation and upgrading

In recent years, China's digital manufacturing, information technology to accelerate the pace of construction, automated production lines, to accelerate the construction of digital workshop, production, operations, information management level has been increasing. Such as Shanghai Electric Power Station Equipment Co., Ltd. turbine plant completed development of 1300MW nuclear power generator digital prototyping projects to achieve a three-dimensional digital factory design application breakthroughs; CTEC and other companies have completed China's first with fully independent art Development of intellectual property nuclear plant digital control system (DCS) platform and realized the application of the results in the second generation, second generation plus, three generations of nuclear power engineering.

In addition, the Internet, cloud computing and other information technology, and sensor technology, under the control of the rapid development of technology synergies, intelligent manufacturing has started. Industrial robots, for example, according to China Robot Industry Association statistics show that China has for three consecutive years become the world's largest industrial robot consumer market.

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