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Burr fastener processing knowledge

What is a fastener glitch? Glitch refers to the fastener surface of the fastener very fine microscopic metal particles that glitch was that we become.

      Burr fastener is how it formed? When the fastener during the cutting, grinding, milling and other similar chips formed during machining. In order to increase the use of fasteners before the performance and service life, we use fasteners, it is necessary to remove the burr fastener. Fasteners are typical parts on machinery and equipment are also important parts, the surface, and the acute angle edges are required to achieve high metal cleanliness. On its way to remove burrs are: the traditional mechanical process method, grinding, polishing and other processes with varying degrees of automation.

      You can also use a chemical process to remove the burr fastener, so fasteners can better quality is guaranteed, all the fasteners sequentially immersed in a plurality of containers, wherein a soaking vessel containing CULLYGRAT solution. By simply soaking will remove all burrs, so that the surface is smooth, rounded edges and corners for users with unprecedented quality. With CULLYGRAT chemical deburring not only environmentally friendly but also can save a lot of production and personnel costs.

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