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Stainless steel fasteners point performance Detailed Analysis

Stainless steel standard parts is mainly made of stainless steel wire as raw material, and then follow the steps in the production of a series of standard procedure pier play, etc., made of stainless steel fasteners manufactured products have been very popular, but it is for stainless steel fasteners, its performance has four points, are detailed below:
      First, the stainless steel fasteners temperature resistance. Because of their hardness of stainless steel is relatively strong, fasteners produced after there is a strong anti-oxidation ability, and is not able to work under high temperature, high temperature will not burn too much interference, if possible after manufacturing Meanwhile passivation, then the effect will become more come, the better.
      Second, the physical properties of stainless steel fasteners, has a relatively high rate of female power. And compared to carbon steel wire, stainless steel fasteners, we can see a female electric rate higher than carbon steel for a whole five times. It has a coefficient of expansion in the standard, after testing we know that if the temperature is higher, then the coefficient of expansion of stainless steel fasteners will has improved to some extent.
      Third, the stainless steel fastener force capability, for stainless steel fasteners, the ability to withstand the loads are more, although can not be compared with each other and high-strength bolts, but also to meet the normal needs of people.
      Fourth, the mechanical properties of stainless steel fasteners. Mechanically, we can know that many are with stainless steel wire has a great relationship. For example, not rust, high corrosion resistance of stainless steel which are followed by nature has a great relationship with the continuous development of standard parts, such as the mechanical properties but also with getting stronger.
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