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China Machinery Industry "Thirteen Five" Industry Development Conference held in Beijing

Recently, the China Machinery Industry Federation, forty three members of the General Assembly held in Beijing to attend the meeting from the machine together with the system, on behalf of associations, institutions and provincial Machinery Industry Association (PMO) and the person in charge of a total of 300 group members of professional associations .

China Machinery Industry Federation Assembly at its forty three members in Beijing March 24, 2016 conference theme is: in-depth study and implement the central economic work conference and the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC sessions, the Fifth Plenary Session of the party's eighteen, summed up the "five" and the 2015 work, analyze the situation, consensus, determine the industry in 2016 and key tasks of "thirteen five" development good start "thirteen five" laid the foundation.

New impetus to co-chair of the foundation Wang Ruixiang, the machine made a speech entitled "on the buildMachinery IndustryReport on the work of the new normal accumulation, "Thirteen Five" of the new situation and work hard "in. Wang Ruixiang, president, said in the report, in 2015 the machinery industry in a difficult situation, to achieve a moderate growth, 229,800 billion, an increase of 3.32%, the main business income; total profit of 1.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.46%; during achieve total taxes 886.9 one billion yuan, an increase of 5.08%, "five", 9.9% machinery, industrial increase the value of the average annual growth rate; assets of 10.97 trillion yuan by the entire industry, "Eleventh five" increased to 19.27 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.91 percent of the "second five" at the end; the main business income of 13.96 trillion yuan It rose to 22.98 trillion yuan, an average annual increase of 10.48%; to achieve a total profit of 1.17 trillion yuan increase of 1.6 trillion yuan, an average annual increase of 6.45%; total exports by the 2585 billion dollars to 388.8 billion dollars 8.51 % annual growth, from $ 3.136 billion trade surplus rose to $ 111 billions a record high.

Wang Ruixiang, president reviewed and summed up the major work in 2015 and the machine "second five" to be carried out together, the results from the analysis of two-oriented machinery industry achieved international and domestic situation, we put forward a complex complicated economic situation and the challenges in front of the task, the machinery industry should take the overall domestic and international situations, "the five concept of development", in thinking to grasp the "scientific judgment of the situation, the growing concentration, and strengthen the development of new ideas, construction a strong ideological basis to find out the crux of the problem, gather industry consensus "three points, thinking, boost confidence, firm belief in the unity of the human resources to do a good job" thirteen five "started this work.

Wang Ruixiang, President of the industry put forward the basic ideas in the 2016 report of the work is: fully implement the Party's eighth Fifth Plenary Session, the Central Economic Work Conference and the national spirit of the two sessions, the Secretary-General Xi Jinping implement a series of important speech, followed five concept of development, according to the "Made in China" 2025 deployment requirements and "thirteen five" industrial development plan, aroundMachinery Industry StructureAdjustment of steady growth, enhance the quality and efficiency to achieve the three-year action plan to reform-driven, problem-oriented, adhere to green development, innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, focus on steady growth, structural adjustment, fill the short board, and promote the integration of and solid strength, quality and efficiency to accelerate to a good start "thirteen five" laid the foundation. Five key tasks are: to quality and efficiency as the center, to promote the steady growth of the industry; restructuring as the main line, accelerate industrial upgrading; to promote innovation as the core, enhance the competitiveness of industry; intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, promote the depth of integration of the two; to reform as a driving force to achieve machine supporting innovation and development. 2016 machinery industry and strive to reach 5.5 percent, added value growth rate of about 3.5% of main business revenue and profit growth targets. "Thirteen Five" period, the machinery industry through restructuring, as well as low-end overcapacity situation eased, the industrial structure more reasonable, modern manufacturing services was significantly higher than the industry average growth, high export value growth, a significant increase in capacity for independent innovation the proportion of high-end equipment sales revenue increased by 10% target.

At the same meeting, the Special Adviser to the machine together CaiWeiCiDomestic Machinery IndustryEconomic analysis and forecast report; executive vice president of Bin published a report on the machinery industry, "Thirteen Five" development framework; the introduction of more than 20 thematic Plan "machine" Thirteen Five "development plan" and so on. The aircraft together, executive vice president of a Xue Ping, opened the meeting. Qing Ji, Executive Vice President, the Conference made a concluding speech.
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