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Changing packaging market demand, packaging machinery face the challenge

According to the "2016 GlobalPackaging marketTrends and forecasting technology "shows that by 2016, the global packaging industry output value will rapidly grow to $ 820 billion. Paper packaging products will continue to lead the market in 2010, about $ 210 one billion of its GDP, this data will refresh nearly $ 250 one billion in 2016. rigid plastic packaging will be more than 21% market share in 2010, 144 in second place one billion dollar GDP, its gross domestic product in 2016 to more than 200 one billion dollars flexible packaging market in 2010 will be from $ 30 1000000000-2016 years More than 1630 billion dollars. in 2010, iron products packaging point of more than 15% market share. 

Yi Mei Sen senior engineer said that in recent years, China's packaging market, changing consumer demand, reflected in different forms of packaging, packaging materials, environmental protection and other aspects. The future, the market will face a new packaging technology that involvesPackaging MachineryThe challenges of the new requirements.
First, the perfect show merchandise
In the increasingly fierce competition in the packaging claims to attract the attention of consumers, but consumers really want to buy or they desperately need, companies can not provide a good solution. Consumers want to buy their products more practical and more information to help them make the right buying decisions. And other details of clear labeling and packaging of product groups will be a major future direction of development.

Secondly, Packing
According to consumers need to use different packaging products in different occasions, brands must provide a variety of packaging specifications. 2016 brand must provide packaging products, according to the product to help consumers on different occasions, which will help reduce the occurrence of consumer loyalty to select the appropriate size of the growing phenomenon of lack of different specifications.

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