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Cold work die steel parts heat treatment and manufacturing processes

Mold steelHeat treatmentClosely related to the processing of step arrangement. When mold manufacturing, materials and processing technology should be based on the route selected heat treatment method was to develop appropriate heat treatment process.

(1) heat treatment step is generally cold work die steel parts arrangements: making chips - annealing - machining Forming - quenching and tempering - Workers trimmed.

(2) using cold die forming grinding and EDM technology: forging - annealing - mechanical roughing - quenching and tempering - finishing (grinding, EDM).

(3) cold work die steel complex die processing: forging - annealing - mechanical roughing - or quenching and tempering - molding machinery processing - quenching and tempering - grinding and electrician molding process.

Most cold work die steel using state quenching and tempering, mold hardness is usually 60hrc, in order to further improve the mold surface hardness, wear resistance and service life, often surface hardening treatment such as carburizing, nitriding, boronizing nitrogen nitrocarburizing, td law vanadizing niobium final heat treatment, chemical vapor village plot (cvd) like as.

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