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Three magic weapons fastener surface treatment

Many manufacturers in order to meet customer requirements, the fastener should be subjected to a surface treatment, the fastener surface treatment by means of certain methods in the process of forming a fastener surface coating layer, which can not only improve the tight firmware itself corrosion resistance, also makes it look more fasteners landscaping. About fastener surface treatment method has the following three magic weapons.

Magic 1,Fasteners plating

Refers to plating fastener fastener portion needs to be immersed in the plating solution in particular, aqueous solutions may contain metal compounds deposited, so that after a current through the aqueous solution of a metal material deposited and adhered within immersed portion of the fastener. Fastener plating generally include zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, copper-nickel alloy.

Magic 2,Hot dip galvanized fasteners

Hot-dip galvanized steel fastener is to blow abrasive fastener component dipped to about 510 ℃ heat melting zinc plating tank, so that the fastener iron and zinc alloy on the surface will be converted to blunt zinc, to obtain a surface treatment. Fasteners hot dip galvanized plating price is higher than about 1.5 to 2 yuan per kilogram.

Magic 3,Plated mechanical fasteners

Plated mechanical fasteners is through specific physical and chemical means to plating metal powder to impact surface fastener, such coatings on metal in the form of cold welding, coating the surface of the fastener, reach the surface treatment effect. Plated mechanical fasteners mainly applied to screws, nuts and washers and other spare parts.

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