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Copper Knowledge: brass bolt Encyclopedia, describes the purpose of classification Full

What brass bolts that? Brass bolt What is the use? Introduction brass bolt What? Brass bolt Definition: mechanical parts made of brass with a threaded nut with cylindricalfastener. Bolt: consisting of the head and the screw (externally threaded cylinder) for a class of two-part fastener is required and the nut for fastening two parts with hole.

Copper Knowledge: Introduction brass bolt

Introduction of classification brass bolts:

Connected by the force of the point: there are sub-normal and the articulation hole. Divided by head shape: hexagonal head, round, square head, countersunk head, and so on. Wherein the hexagonal head is the most common. General Shen head in place with the requirements of the connection.

Introduction of brass bolt manufacturing tools:

Bolt had a lot of terminologies, each person may have a different name for it was called into the screw bolt was called into the nail, was called into standard parts, was called intofastener. Although there are so many called, but the meaning is the same, All bolts. Bolt fasteners generic statement. Bolts principle of physics and mathematical principles of the use of object slant circular rotation and friction, gradual tightening artifacts mechanical tools.

Bolts in daily life and industrial production which is indispensable, the bolt is also known as the rice industry. The extensive use of visible screws. The scope of application of the bolt are: electronic products, machinery products, digital production Products, electrical equipment, machinery and electrical machinery products. Ships, vehicles, water conservancy, and even chemical experiment is also useful to bolt. Anyway, there are many places to use ultra-bolt. Special digital products such as precision bolts used above. Usually bolt television, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture and other;; DVD, cameras, eyewear, watches, electronics, etc. As for the use of micro-bolts engineering, construction, bridges using large bolts, nuts; transportation equipment, fly Plane, train, automobile, compared with the size of the bolt. Bolt has an important task in the industry, as long as the earth exists industrial, the function of the bolt is always important.

Introduction of brass bolt bolt detection:

Bolt into labor and machine detected in two. Artificial is the most original and most widely used detection method is consistent. In order to minimize the outflow of defective products, the general production enterprise personnel by visual approach to the packaging or shipping the product tested to eliminate defective products (including bad teeth hurt, mixing, rust, etc.).

Another way for the automatic testing machine, mainly magnetic particle inspection.

Magnetic particle testing is the use of a leakage magnetic field interaction with the magnetic powder defect of the bolt, after differences in permeability and permeability steel, magnetic materials for these bolts possible defects (such as cracks, slag, mixing, etc.) Magnetic material discontinuities will occur of distortion, leakage of magnetic flux at the surface portion is formed to produce a leakage magnetic field to attract magnetic powder is formed at stacking faults - magnetic marks, under appropriate lighting conditions, showing the location of the defect and Shape, to observe and to explain the accumulation of these magnetic powders, reject defective products have reached the goal.

Introduction of brass bolt force method:

General and has the articulation hole. Force major general bearing axial, lateral force can also carry less demanding. Articulation hole bolt and hole size to fit in with that when the lateral force.

The introduction to the shape of brass bolts:

Shen head with a general requirement in place after connecting a smooth surface without projections, because the sink can be screwed into the head part in. Round to be screwed into the parts inside. Tighten the square head of the force can be a little bigger, but large in size. In addition, to meet After you install the lock needs, there is a hole in the head, the stem portion with holes, these holes can not screw loose when subject to vibration. Some did not bolt threaded rod to be meticulous, called the waist bolts. This bolt is conducive to change by force the United Knot. There are special high-strength bolts, the head will be bigger and more, there are changes in the size of the steel structure.

Another special use of: T-shaped slot bolt, with most of the machine tool fixture, special shape, side of the head to be cut off. Anchor bolts for machinery and ground fixed connection, there are a variety of shapes. U-bolts, as described above, and the like. There are special stud welding, a threaded one did not, you can weld the parts, tighten the nut on the other side directly.

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