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Discuss SHCS SHCS and the similarities and differences

First of allfastenerA,Hexagon ScrewandSHCSWhat's the difference? We need to understand SHCS screw head is outside the circle in the middle is concave hexagon socket head cap screws and screw heads is a common Side hexagonal kind. Hexagon screwdriver looks like "7", with hexagonal steel bar ends and then cut into a 90-degree bend it into a hexagon spanner, the outer hexagonal screws is that we are more common flat head screw Collage was hexagonal Shaped the kind of hex screws.
    The biggest difference lies in the following:
    SHCS commonly used in machinery, mainly having easy fastening and removal, not easy to slip angle and other advantages. Allen wrench is generally a 90 ° bend colt shape, curved at one end of the long side of short, short side hit the screw When, holding the long side can save a lot of power and can better tighten the screws. Long end is divided into round (Hexagon spheroidal) peace, round can be easily disassembled oblique, inconvenient to install some of the ejector Site. Within the manufacturing cost than the outer hexagonal screws hexagonal much lower, and its advantages as well as conch (wrench force position) than the inner Hexagon thin in some places you can not replace the hexagon. Further low cost, low power intensity, SHCS lower than the precision machinery used hex less.
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