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Flat gasket material selection and processing technology

Threaded fasteners due to the support bolts, screws, nuts can not do much (that is material and process limitations), to reduce stress bearing surfaces, protect the surface connecting member and the use washers. Run-share below its usualGasket materialSelection and processing of knowledge.

      Flat gasket material selection:

      Washers should be used hot-rolled steel, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel pickling steel or punching 'or the use of bar stock, tubing cutting and rolling, forging and other processing methods. Specific processing method is determined by the manufacturer selection.

      Flat washer process:

      Flat washer process there are two, one is now deburring process, the other is to protect the surface treatment;

      Deburring process, washers should be used polishing, vibration or other methods to remove the burr and flash.

      Surface protection treatment standards forWasher ProductsSurface treatment by coating (thick) and coating (thin) distinction, the authors believe should be equally applicable to other fastener productsbolt(Screws, studs> Nuts and so specific, although in some other appropriate standards did not like the standard narrative.

      Reminder: Unless otherwise unprotected gasket provides surface of the gasket should be common surface, that is in addition to the anti-trap oil, there are no other coated (plated) layer.

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