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Falling washer specially designed to meet the pre-installation frequent disassembly occasions

On the basis of looks ordinary member without the washer is how dazzling, although it is easily forgotten in the era of the eye, but its role is indeed not be ignored, the gasket can be increased by coupling support area to reduce the pressure at the contact tighten the nut and avoid scratches by coupling surfaces. So mung bean sesame like Less.

Plastic washersThere are many specifications:Flat Washers, Shoulder washers, lock washers, washer cap, anti-drop washers, cup washers, etc., they have their own strengths to play their own role.

Belonging to the washer is more special anti-drop washers, flat washers appearance it is similar to the mystery in the middle, in a prominent part of its inner design, three to four gear-shaped, this small improvement, to prevent all kinds of nylon Or metal screws and nuts off. Particularly suitable for pre-installation and frequent disassembly occasions, at work if the washer is always falling, bound to give workers the inconvenience, affect efficiency.

Humane designAnti-drop washerThe most important feature, a casual change like dominoes, a chain reaction will occur, many times not to say that expensive is good, as long as you select the correct product, all problems will be solved.

Known as the "rice industry," fasteners, screws, nuts, washers belongs to the mechanical parts based, national economy departments should use the widest range, use the largest number of basic parts. Large shuttle, cars and machinery and equipment, small desks and chairs, have their shadow, fasteners importance to industrial development should not be underestimated.

Development of machine parts and general equipment manufacturing industry development is closely related to the current general equipment manufacturing industry in Western Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries more developed, higher market share, at this stage, a lower concentration of manufacturing equipment, fewer large enterprises, as the country to encourage mergers and acquisitions to strengthen the implementation of the policy and technical strength, China's manufacturing industry will be rapid development.

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