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2016 China (Jiaxing) Fastener Expo will opening up

This year's October 19 --20, the sixth Jiaxing tight Fair will be held ceremoniously. From 2011 we have been successfully held five times in Jiaxing City, which attracted more than one thousand exhibitors, more than thirty thousand buyers at home and abroad came home purchases. Jiaxing current tight Fair will be based on the previous, to bring a more rich people fastener industry event.

According to the Chinese side fastener News reporter learned that the current tight Jiaxing Fair Exhibitors large number of enterprises, and enterprises in terms of both exhibitors representing a major breakthrough from the previous geographical area or business scope. In addition, in the group exhibition portion colleagues efforts, the number of visitors this year will be much larger than the previous, including the countries of Russia, the United States, Europe, India and other foreign investors will come to the exhibition. According to the staff revealed that the Ministry of group exhibition, this session of the Fair Jiaxing tight, not only the size, the number of exhibitors to visit a breakthrough, and many live for the fastener business matchmaking are real, the next single will be, certainly for the enterprise zone to tangible results.
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