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Fastener Die need to keep low-tech breakthroughs

Last few years,MouldIndustry has been a certain degree of development.fastenerAs an important part of the mold which, naturally developed. With the enhancement of scientific and technological level, forfastenerMold more stringent requirements.

Fastener Die need to keep low-tech breakthroughs

China's mold industry has been greatly developed, mold parts standardization, specialization and commercialization work has improved. But some high-tech, advanced structure, high quality, convenient replacement products with personalized yet It is somewhat lacking. In some industrialized countries, developing fasteners attention. As the mold standardization started late, less product specifications, production scale is small, poor circulation, lack of high-end products, foreign mold With enterprises have to seize the market.

To die of fasteners in the domestic high-end market place, the need to strengthen the capability of independent innovation, focus on training industry professionals to strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes.

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